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Lounge on our comfortable chairs, benches, and hammocks while your dogs play and make friends!


About Our Animal Care Facility

Let your 4-legged friends stay in our 5-star pet resort with all of the accommodations needed while you are away or even during a hurricane! Reservations are usually made no less than a week in advance, but in an emergency, we will try to accommodate you. We provide food, water, bedding, toys, and anything else that may be needed. Pack the things your dog likes to play with to make them feel more at home. The cost of boarding your dog, regardless of size is $30.00 OR $35.00 dependant on which accommodations you chose and $12.00 for each additional dog in same run.  Come by and take a tour Mon-Sun between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. No appointment needed.

A dog playing - Contact us for an animal care center with a dog park, wading pool, and pet boarding services. Located in Flagler Beach, Florida.

  • Doggy Pool—This saline sanitized wading pool is built just for dogs and doesn't have any chlorine to bother their skin or eyes. There are places for the dog to get out all the way around the pool and the maximum depth is 4 feet. It is $10 for each dog and this money is used to keep the pool clean and sanitary, or you can get a monthly pass for only $30 a month and $12 for each additional dog in that family per month. The pool can accommodate up to 5 large dogs at one time.
  •   Boarding—Each dog gets his or her own yard and is given plenty of time to play. From our climate-controlled indoor facilities to fun in the fresh air, we do everything for your pet. If medicine is needed, we can dispense it according to your instructions and we will feed your pet the food you provide if they have a preference. Please bring proof of current shots (including bordetella and rabies) and provide us with the name and number of your vet. If your vet is not available, we will call ours.
    Now offering "home like" ammentities for our furry friends.  Our expansion includes large kennels that have a poolside view or offer television ammentities so that your pet can catch up on the latest dog movies.


Contact us for an animal care center with pet boarding services and pool.
Located in Flagler Beach, Florida.